Concerts and Demonstrations

A wide variety of showcase performances took place in the wonderful acoustics of Wiegand Performance Hall, located in the BP John building. The BP John Building is directly west of the Commons, where the exhibition was held. Wiegand Performance Hall is located on the third floor.

The 2007 Performance Schedule

1:00  Betheny Farley on violin by David Langsather and John Livingston on piano
1:20  Alan Perlman on classical and steel string guitars by Alan Perlman
1:40  William Jenks on classical guitar by John Michael Blanchard
2:00  Kristen Waligora on classical guitar by Dan Biasca
2:20  Dave Captein on bass by David King
2:40  Gayle and Philip Neuman on various medieval and renaissance instruments made by the Neumans
3:00  Sharon Thormahlen on harps by Dave Thormahlen
3:20  Mike Doolin and Nancy Conescu on guitars (bass, steel string, and harp guitars) by Mike Doolin
3:40  Mary Flower on steel string guitar by John Greven
4:00  Steve Hawkins on steel string guitar by Marshall Dixon
12:50 - 1:20  Ellie and Amy Hakanson (and friends) on violins by Jonathan Franke and bows by Ken Altman.  (string quartet)
1:20  Scott Mueller (guitar) and Joe Majors (bass) duet on instruments by Mark Knowlton
1:40  Rob Girdis on steel string guitars made by Rob Girdis
2:00  Chic Preston on archtop guitar by Mike McHugh
2:20  Peter Zisa on classical guitar by Richard Prenkert
2:40  David Franzen on guitar by Anders Sterner
3:00  Peter Zisa on classical guitar by Jeffrey Elliott
3:20  David Franzen on guitar by George Smith
3:40  Rian Holmes on electric (Kasha) guitar by David Walker
4:00  Dina Fergurgur on classical guitar by Keith Rhodes
4:20  Eric Jones on various kalimbas by David Bellinger

Additional Demonstrations by Builders were on stage in the Exhibit Hall.



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