2012 Northwest Handmade Musical Instrtument Exhibit
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2013 Concerts and Demonstrations

All showcase performances took place in Wiegand Performance Hall, located in the BP John building. The B. P. John Building is directly west of the Commons, where the exhibition was held.

Please check back for our list of concerts and demonstrations for 2014.

Performances on Saturday April 27, 2013, Wiegand Hall

12:30 Adam La Motte on violin/viola by Chet Bishop
12:45 Max Sipe on classical guitar by Max Sipe
1:00 Steve Cheseborough on acoustic guitars by Scott Ackley
1:15 Dan Cosley on classical guitar by Robert Ruck
1:30 Peter Zisa and John Dodge on classical and steel string guitars, respectively, by John Mello
1:45 Patrick "Doc" Huff on banjo by Patrick Huff
2:00 Patrick Meyer on 8-string jumbo guitar by Jay Dickinson
2:15 Amy Hakanson, Henry Hakanson, and friends on violin family by Jon Franke and bows by Ken Altman
2:45 Eric Tweed on cigar box guitars by Jim Brik
3:00 Don Latarski on steel string guitar by Raymond Kraut
3:15 Brandon McIntosh on guitar by Josh Humphrey
3:30 Les Stansell on flamenco guitar by Les Stansell
3:45 Don Latarski on fan-fretted steel string guitar by Ralph Novak
4:00 John Dodge on steel string guitar by Charles Freeborn
4:15 Sharon and Dave Thormahlen on harp/guitar and mandolin, respectively, by the Thormahlens
4:30 Mike Doolin on 7-string archtop guitar by Mike Doolin, with Eddie Parente on 7-string violin
4:45 William Jenks on classical guitar by John Michael Blanchard

Performances on Sunday, April 28, 2013, Wiegand Hall

12:45 Les McMasters and Andy Emert on steel string guitars by Les McMasters
1:00 Bobak Salehi on Iranian tar by Saeid Pirjamali
1:15 Ben Bonham on resonator guitar by John Morton
1:30 Peter Zisa on classical guitar by Richard Prenkert
1:45 David Franzen on classical guitar by Anders Sterner
2:00 Craig Alden Dell on 10-string and flamenco guitars by Michael Elwell
2:15 Travis Stine on uke and Dane Lum Ho on guitar, both by Kerry Char
2:30 David Franzen on classical and flamenco guitars by George Smith
2:45 Peter Zisa on 7-string classical guitar by Jim White
3:00 Travis Johnson on classical guitar by Jeffrey Elliott
3:15 Don Corey on electric bass guitar by David King
3:30 Alex Llumiquinga on Andean flutes and charangos by Alex Llumiquinga
3:45 Jeff Ashton on classical guitar by Gregory Miller
4:00 Jeff Putterman on archtop jazz guitar by Brian Bishop
4:15 Dan Bjorke on solidbody guitar by Dan Bjorke
4:30 Ricardo Cardenas on classical guitar by Peter Tsiorba

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